About us

Company backgroud

Khay Digital was first initiated in the middle of the C19 pandemic in 2020 by the sole founder as a daring solo venture.

On the 24th of  May 2022, we were officially incorporated and in business under our own entity with a growing team.

Khay Digital - About Us 1

Our core values

We made SILPA to sculpt our journey and yours.


We value making complicated things in a simple manner.


We strive to be creative and original in our approach.


We dare to be different and lead by example.


We only do what we love and thats how we do it best.


We value companionship to explore the unknown.

We offer custom & prebuilt solutions for everyone

No one should sell a kidney or two to afford the basic digital needs for their business or personal use. We make it accessible & reliable.

Share your troubles with us! We'll find you a solution.